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Reception Events

Wedding Reception is generally a Party which is probably held after the completion of the Marriage ceremony as hospitability for those who have attended the wedding. With the name of Reception, the couple receives society in the form of friends and family members. This will be for the first time as a married couple where hosts provide choices of food and drinks to enjoy the happy meal. Reception ceremonies are mostly arranged from the groom’s side to make the world known that they have a new member and everyone is celebrating her arrival.

" Reception Ceremony- The celebration time to rejoice over their new record "

Ethniq Events has gained enormous experience in Organizing Reception events with personalized and friendly services. With all our attention to each and every detail, the most important day of your life becomes the most unforgettable day of your life. Mainly, with our reputation in the Industry and in-depth experience puts us in a unique position to deliver bespoke services to clients. It is mainly driven by core values of retaining quality and earning respectability in the Industry through a continuous strive with all prolonged sustainability. Our team of Experts will surely work with you from beginning to completion and beyond and leaves you to stress free to enjoy the exciting parts.

" Your Dreams Come True with Best Moments "

Incredible Services Provided by Enthiq Event Management Company

  • Reception Styling
  • Decor Design and Execution (Design, fabrication and installation process)
  • Destination Reception Management
  • Reception Entertainments Logistics Planning and Coordination

First, we clearly understand each and every point of client’s tradition to perform accordingly. We provide total assistance for all the major aspects of an event like venue arrangements, cloth and floral decoration, accommodation, superstructures, sitting arrangements, security, crowd management with audio and video arrangements as well. Client satisfaction is the first thing our Experts give preference to have a successful event with entire hard work and determination to reach clients expectations.

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